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Oxford Update
July 8, 2008, 2:34 pm
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I realize that I haven’t actually written anything about what I’m doing at Oxford (I mentioned it a bit on my “About Me” page). That’s for a few reasons:

1. I just recently got my computer hooked up to internet.

2. I haven’t had much time to devote to writing something worth reading.

3. I want to tell stories with pictures. I left the cord that connects my camera to my computer at home.

So, I’m going to do most “site seeing” posts after I return home.

But, quick and dirty:

I’m at Oxford’s University College (Univ) for three weeks to study International Economics & Commerce. I have class Mon- Thurs from about 8:30 to 10:30 (though this varies because my tutor has to travel). My class has 9 people in it and our tutor (a prof. at Univ) is known around as “Slick Nick”. He has, in the past, taken a liking to his female students. I’ve heard that he’s been asked to “tone it down”, but it’s still quite apparent that, in his own words, he is, “after all, a man”. Nick is mostly harmless and a pretty good lecturer.

A run-down of the past week. Again, I’ll do longer “site-seeing” posts with pictures. I’ll also add pictures of the campus and my dorm room, etc.

Sun. 6/29

Arrived at Univ. My room is on the very top floor of a 13th century building. It was hell lugging my suitcase up the last set of stairs with was narrow and incredibly steep. We went on a 2 hour walking tour with the program director, Mark Thomas (History/ Econ prof. at UVA).

Mon. 6/30

First class with Nick. This was a jam-packed day of activities. After class, we went on a library tour, did a scavenger hunt, and then went punting. After all of that, we had our first Banquet Dinner (there’ll be another the last evening of the program). Then we all went to a club. That was pretty fantastic even though a piece of broken glass went through my flip-flop and cut my foot a little.

Tues. 7/1

After class we went to Blenheim Palace. Pics to come! Went out to a pub after dinner.

Wed. 7/2

My class didn’t meet today. Nick was in China. Went to a club, danced dirty.

Thurs. 7/3- Sun. 7/6

Went to Edinburgh. 7.5 hour train ride each way– TOTALLY worth it! Edinburgh was amazing. Walking tour, pub crawl, museums, unveiling of an Adam Smith monument, met great people at the hostel– pics and more to come.

Mon. 7/7

During class we had a debate about the pros and cons of globalization. After class I mostly just hung out until dinner. Then a bunch of us hung out in the beer cellar.

Tues. 7/8

After class a few other girls and I went shopping at this really cheap clothing shop in Oxford. After that, my croquet team won our first match, putting us in the semi-finals of the tournament. Tonight is Trivia Night in the beer cellar.


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