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June 11, 2008, 10:25 pm
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… Your shiny new forever. — That’s was the message in the card that I gave to two lovely friends what just got married this past weekend. bwhahaha.
I’m actually all for commitment.

Anyways, it was definitely the first *fun* wedding that I’ve been to. Tons of my friends were there, and there was an open bar! Really, what could make for a better weekend? It was a bit of a drive… Martinsville is about 5 hours away from the DC area (somehow I made it back in a little over 4). But, it was kind of nice to be in LITERALLY THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. And the fact that we all stayed in the same hotel basically created a 48-hour party.

The bride of course looked lovely. The groom was handsome. (I only hang out with good- looking people.) And you know those people who sort of run in your same circle, but you don’t really know them all that well? Or maybe your circles create a venn diagram and you both occupy the middle portion at times. Well, I actually got to know some of those people a little better this weekend.

A bit of a babbling, uninteresting post… so here’s a picture! (For all you creepers who don’t know me, I’m the one on the left.)
Trevchelle Wedding

Best of luck and much love to T* & M*.


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