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Brain ‘Roids
May 26, 2008, 3:40 am
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For when I develop a tolerance to Monster…

I think this type of thing is kind of inevitable, but as a friend said, “You can’t get something for nothing.” There actually is a response to it at the end of the article.

Another via Andrew Sullivan

[Update later on 5/26/08] The Economist is like… word!

Damnit. Just subscribe to Andrew Sullivan.


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I wouldn’t take anything in that provigil article very seriously. It was written by a columnist for an English tabloid, first of all, and his account doesn’t agree with other reports. Most likely, he was simply sleep-deprived and could have gotten similar effects, without the side effects, from simply getting a good night’s sleep. Provigil’s really more for people who need to remain alert for long stretches of time, but not necessarily remain able to function at a high level. For example, troops on an overnight march could benefit, but it wouldn’t help a stock broker or scientist, because those people need a high level of intelligence, not simply alertness, and it’s a shame Johann couldn’t have included these caveats in his article.

I also think the comparison to steroids is kinda specious, as the Economist points out, and only serves to frame the debate in terms of fairness instead of the more relevant context of what these drugs can help us learn about the many complex processes that make up intelligence.

If you’d like to know more about the idea of nootropics(including drugs, supplements and other nutrients), I recommend Smart Drugs and Nutrients.

Comment by Mr. Gunn

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